Black-eyed Susans

A few months ago I was complaining to my neighbour that I still had to cut down all the perennials in my garden before the snow fell. Her suggestion was great. She said, “Leave ’em. They look great poking out of the snow and then you can sketch them.” This sketch was also inspired by my friend Jean who sent me photos of the snow accumulation on the roof of his house, both before and after he knocked lots of it off. I started noticing the layers of snow, a bit like rings on a tree, that were piling up on the evergreen outside my door. So from the comfort of my house I painted this.


14 Comments on “Black-eyed Susans”

  1. Beautiful painting and a smart neighbor!


  2. Ineke van den Berg says:

    Black-eyed susans are one of my favourite flowers but I did cut mine down and even if I had not they would not be peking out like yours – thanks for the great sketches!!


  3. Lyn says:

    She was right they do look great! Merry Christmas! X


  4. Fleet Woodley says:

    I love those winter greens that you do. Nice wet feeling sky too!

    ~ Fleetwood


  5. PhiipPhlop says:

    I wonder how much the price of white and whitish paints go up in winter 😛


  6. Chrissa says:

    Any flowers with seed heads, echinacea , for example, I look lovely in the snow and also serve to feed finches and other little birds… Love your daily inspiration to my inner painting muse …


  7. dezabaleta says:

    Winter !


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