I’m still testing the limits of what art can be made with my drawing hand in a cast and thought I’d try something more accurate than painting shapes with a big brush. Turns out a pencil works just fine too. I wanted an object that was detailed but without straight lines, which are difficult. The pineapple seemed right.


16 Comments on “Pineapple”

  1. Mary says:

    It’s good you chose a subject to complement an organic form. Your cast certainly hasn’t
    affected the fine quality of your work Shari 🙂 This is all a new experience for you and it’s
    wonderful for your followers to see how you meet your new challenges and limitations.
    Hope you’re not in any pain!

  2. Ross says:

    I think your pencil sketching has improved with the cast … the pineapple is gorgeous… a bit looser than usual. Perhaps you should break the other arm as well? : )

    • Thanks Ross. If I broke the other arm how would I eat??

      • Ross says:

        You are an artist… you shouldn’t need to eat! And, if it improves your work then it is a small price to pay… don’t you think? Food is highly over-rated for people like you. : )
        BTW, the pineapple is a bit incongruous in your current climate… on the other side of the globe, we keep hearing about how all you people in Canada and northern USA are freezing as a result of the arctic chills.

      • If I whine about just how bad the weather is, I will get no sympathy from you so keep watching the news if you want more info : )
        The pineapple is a bit incongruous in this climate but if we stuck to the 100 mile diet in winter we’d be eating mostly beets and turnips, which would be fine for Dwight Schrute but would get a bit tedious for the rest of us.

      • Ross says:

        But I thought you were all like Dwight Schrute anyway? : )

      • Yes Ross. We are all as much like Dwight Schrute as you are like Crocodile Dundee.

  3. Shari, this is really lively and I love it! You look like you had a lot of fun. Glad that cast is not stopping you : )

  4. Vicky Porter says:

    Shari, you are certainly making the best of a difficult situation! The pineapple sketch is lovely.

  5. Chris Rusk says:

    Really well done.

    I can also ‘see’ the work executed using black contĂ© instead of pencil (as another way to get the quick, sharp, darks – the pencil work in this sketch achieves the texture so well, that I thought it was done in contĂ©).

    You have captured everything beautifully.

  6. Lynn says:

    Lovely – strong dark lines yet delicate in the tapering off towards the bottom and your chosen angle for the pineapple gives it energy and life.

  7. croquedessin says:

    I like this drawing, even with a cast your drawing is very nice !

  8. azergo24 says:

    lovely piineapple with a broken hand too! lily

  9. Hand in a cast? Ouch! Looks like I need to scroll through some earlier posts to find out what happened, but whatever it is, hope it heals fully and quickly!

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