Fresh fruit

These days one of the most painful tasks is typing, so this post comes with no commentary. Fortunately painting is completely painless.

A little still life of some fruit from the market…


22 Comments on “Fresh fruit”

  1. Tracey says:

    Your paintings are lovely with or without commentary but if you need to type for other things as well, it might be worth looking into one of the apps for dictation. I’m a neophyte but I know my Samsung has an app for dictating a message. Wish I could tell you more about how to use it!
    Hopefully it’s healing well!

  2. Jane Wright says:

    Shari, I am loving, loving your post fracture paintings….so loose and lovely!

  3. Marg hodgins says:

    I love the looseness, freshness of your paintings.

  4. 3bones says:

    Your pictures need very little commentary, Shari. As the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words … and the same holds true with your art.

  5. John Bartoldus says:

    Hope you mend quickly, be patient, and let us know how we can fracture our arms so we can paint like you. I’m really getting looser in my sketching, even erasing unneeded detail lines the next day, hooray! So much simpler and less intense…xo Jacques

  6. Chris Rusk says:

    It sparkles.

  7. Ross says:

    [first paragraph deleted *]

    I have looked back to the “old days” when your whole comment was something like “By the window at Starbucks”. Fewer words are fine as long as they are accompanied by more painting.

    * the first paragraph was the sympathy message for your injury, but I decided that it wasn’t warranted and that you just needed to toughen up. : )

  8. Shari, I hope you heal soon. I am loving these new still lifes AND I am missing your beautiful snow paintings. Is this piece also painted on wet paper?

    • Hi Suhita,
      I am missing painting winter too!! But it is so ugly outside now. We just had a huge thaw so everything is gray and dirty. I want winter back!! I am hoping the cast will come off next week and if the snow falls I will get out there. This is also painted on wet paper as is the Fogo illustration I did today. Have you ever tried working this way?

  9. no never, I’m going to read that post you have all over again so I can go try it!

  10. that’s so tempting. I’ve managed to con my family into planning holidays around places I’m interested in drawing before 🙂 get well soon.

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