Chocolatier in winter

There are some spots I return to sketch in all seasons. The chocolatier in Pointe Claire Village is one of those places, and it is especially nice in winter. I’m not sure if it’s the wonky building or the way the branches of the tree frame the space, but this place is really fun to draw. I always think I’ll have enough time to buy a bit of chocolate before I leave but I often draw for too long and have to rush off to work empty-handed.


11 Comments on “Chocolatier in winter”

  1. Dee says:

    And I love it each time too!


  2. Alison says:

    Absolutely beautiful. These winter scenes are actually helping me to feel a bit more positive about winter!


  3. Linda Daily says:

    I love this as much as your last version. This place looks so charming.
    Lovely colors once again!


  4. Jane Hannah says:

    Oh my!!!! I always love this one Shari… very very nice. I love everything about it… the colours, the shadows, the detail. Good job -)


  5. i wonder why it doesn’t say ‘chocolate’ on the signboard? lots of other good things though. Good job with those tiny little letters.


  6. Riley says:

    Great watercolor, your snow always looks so dynamic and believable. However, imho you should buy some chocolates before you start sketching next time 🙂


  7. Lee Kline says:

    Thank you Shari. The tree is lovely. I’m not certain about that white stuff. Is that the famous SNOW we have heard so much about down here in Florida?


  8. kari says:

    Love the idea of sketching places that you then interact with in other ways as well, whether in conversation or in purchase. Finishing a painting with a piece of chocolate sounds like perfection. Do any of the businesses you’ve painted ever dialogue with you or ask about acquiring your work? Do you feel more engaged in your local community via your artistic process? Curious.


  9. tanyaswann says:

    Shari you help me see the beauty in winter. Thank you, this is beautiful, love the colours…


  10. Allen Capoferri says:

    Wonderful painting! Nice work.


  11. Beautifully done; I think I’m going to just start praying for more snow in Canada because I really enjoy these wintertime sketches you do!


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