I don’t want to be presumptuous and speak for all Montrealers, but I can safely speak for most of us when I say we are fed up of winter. Even the people who ski have had enough of the snow and endlessly cold days with no break in sight. My colour choice for today seems appropriate for the collective mood.


17 Comments on “Blue”

  1. Lesli W., Portland, Oregon USA says:

    Hi Shari,

    Palm Desert, California is a fabulous place to sneak away to in the middle of winter. A lot of Canadians spend time there and love it. Venus Studios puts on many workshops and so does the Palm Springs Art Museum. You may want to check them out and possibly do a winter workshop. I’d certainly love to enroll and would be happy to give you some tips on where to stay. The Coachella Valley Watercolor Society may also want to join in on the fun.

    Get warm,

    PS The Palm Springs Art Museum new Palm Desert branch is an incredibly beautiful garden and architectural setting for sketching. There are lots of other beautiful sketching locations in the area too.


    • Thanks so much for that tempting offer Lesli. I would certainly love to sneak away in the middle of winter. I am going to check out those links. Anything with the words “palm” and “desert” sound very appealing right now.


  2. Nancy says:

    We here in Wisconsin share your pain! Thank you for providing such inspiration every day…i so enjoy your posts.


  3. Tim Mancusi says:

    The world wide weather is at extremes now. Here in Northern California
    we finally got some rain last week. But hardly enough to quench our drought.
    And our temps have been Spring like for the past 2 months.
    According to the believers of Climate change Spring and Fall are becoming shorter.
    I think they may be right. We seem to be approaching a 2 season year.
    With a little interlude in between each. For me the Equinoxes are always the most
    paint worthy. And now, this year… do we see them beginning to fade away?
    I worry more about the birds and the squirrels. And less about us painters. :-\


    • Since I have started sketching I am more aware of the weather, the change of seasons and all that goes with it. It is very worrisome Tim, and we have been hearing a lot about the drought in California too. I hope things improve soon…


  4. Tony M. says:

    Really enjoy your posts. You are an inspiration in my quest to do a sketch a day.


  5. Lovely! I especially like the two little pots on the bottom right. And I can extend an invitation to you for a bit of warmth here in Sydney too – but it is a bit too humid at the moment!


  6. Ross says:

    I hear that adversity is a great thing for an artist. So, just toughen up and do more great sketches and paintings!
    BTW, that adversity rule is just for artists… it doesn’t work for architects.


  7. Betty says:

    BLUE One of my favorite colors. Love your painting.
    Here in NC we are experiencing a great deal of snow & ice right now. I agree with your comment, can’t wait for it to GO!!!


  8. Love the blues! We got up to 54 degrees today. My son came home from school and put on shorts! 🙂


  9. Debo boddiford says:

    Winter has come to Georgia also. We are suffering through an ice storm and no electricity for over 40 hours now. After spending a cold last night in front of a fire….we went to a relatives house in neighboring county tonight….the heat and hot water feel wonderful! We have lost many trees due to weight of ice. 😦


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