Full price

You might think that after Valentine’s Day the bouquets would be marked down, a bit like the cards and wrapping paper on December 26th. That’s what I was hoping, anyway, when I went in to the store to buy some flowers to sketch. I was sorry to see that the prices were the same even though they still had little tacky red ornaments and hearts stuck in them. I found this sad, neglected bouquet apart from the rest, and it was clearly not for Valentine’s day. Bingo!


22 Comments on “Full price”

  1. Dee says:

    Being in rehab from pneumonia, a stint, and congestive heart failure, the only subject matter I have is flower bouquets…so it is fun to compare right now! Yours are prettier, but, I’m having fun keeping myself from self pity!


  2. marctaro says:

    You should paint a box of chocolates. Definitely on half price!


  3. Jane Hannah says:

    You are definitely starting to be the Queen of flowers — they are gorgeous — even though if too expensive, they were worth it for this painting -)))


  4. How kind of you to give that poor little bouquet a home 🙂 Lovely picture!


  5. Mary says:

    You certainly brought this sad, neglected bouquet of flowers to life with its gorgeous wine
    colours Shari 🙂


  6. Lynn says:

    It’s snowing here on Long Island, again, so your beautiful painting turns out to be a lovely Valentine’s gift for me! Thank you.


  7. Ross says:

    That is sad… you had to buy your own flowers for Valentine’s Day : )


  8. Susan says:

    Gorgeous! Myself, I’m going to hit Laura Secord this week.


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