Sun shower

When you are sketching from a moving car, the landscape changes every few seconds but the cloudscape is more constant and somewhat easier to capture. In fact, you can really study the forms of the clouds when you have nowhere else to go… These wide vistas are something you never get a chance to see in the city where rain clouds frequently come upon you with little warning. It was pretty cool to glance up from my sketch and see the rain approaching. After checking that the paper was really dry, I rewet the lower part of the sky with some clear water, flowed in a little dark wash on top of the existing clouds and tilted the book to let the wash move.


9 Comments on “Sun shower”

  1. Ross says:

    I like this… in my opinion, it is everyone that a watercolour should be… quick, simple, clean, good values and with that look of spontaneity. Impressive when this is another moving-car sketch.


    • Thanks Ross. I only had a few materials with me on this trip — a small Van Gogh travel palette and two travel brushes along with a pen and a pencil. Having only a few materials limits your choices and helps to be spontaneous. I have at least one more of these that I will post.


  2. kari says:

    I’ve never thought of clouds as a constant, sketch-able composition from a car before. What a great idea to focus on the open skyscape when painting from a moving vehicle.


  3. CharlieAmra says:

    This one is pretty neat. I have often wondered at the landscape while being a passenger in a car but have considered it too hard to capture (in watercolor no less) while in the car. Very cool.


  4. LOL I did a painting in the back seat while driving through New Brunswick about 10 years ago. I had my paper taped down to a board, a good brush, Windsor Newton pallet and a water bottle. My girlfriend still has it framed and hanging in her home. There is nothing like a good road trip. You get the chance to really look at the clouds and appreciate their beauty!


    • You did yours in the back seat. Wow, that must have been harder than what I did for sure. You had to turn your head while I looked straight ahead!


      • Hi – just saw your response – it was a challenge especially since I had two 7 year old girls in the back seat with me. It’s on the living room wall at my girlfriends house where we were visiting. I love your work. Keep sharing with the rest of us!


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