John in the sun

John was enjoying the sun so much at the outdoor café today that he didn’t even notice that he was the model. Because of his sunglasses I couldn’t tell if he was having a snooze or looking right at me. When I showed him the drawing he told me that he had been painted before and the painting was in a gallery nearby, but I never made it over there to see it. Sketched on the street in Burlington, Vermont, in a handbook journal with a Tombow water-soluble marker and a Koi waterbrush.



6 Comments on “John in the sun”

  1. Jane Hannah says:

    Just gorgeous Shari — you really captured his persona –)

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  2. Tony says:

    Love how striking this is Shari …and how striking monochrome can be. But haven’t seen this technique from you before. Is it maybe something new or have I just missed out?


    • I have worked with watersoluble pens before but never markers like this. I really like how quickly you can get the information in with these pens and I’ll certainly use them again.


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