Maison Smith

A few weeks ago our USk Montreal group met at Maison Smith to sketch on the mountain but it was so crowded that there was no viewpoint to see the building through the cars and people. Marc Holmes and I went back to the mountain again today and spent a bit of time at the end of the day sketching Maison Smith, without the cars and crowds. Marc painted a spectacular panorama on two sheets of watercolour paper, especially impressive because he went straight to brush with no pencil lines at all. I don’t have that kind of confidence with architecture so I started with a bit of pencil. The light was pretty flat when we started out but the sun came out near the end of our time there and gave me a few shadows to work with.  Painted on Fabriano 140 lb paper, 10″ x 13″.


9 Comments on “Maison Smith”

  1. Lots of detailing to enjoy, especially like the treatment of the stonework on the building’s facade.


  2. John Bartoldus says:

    I’ve told you before you are better than Edward Hopper, he would agree. Magnificent, love the way you cropped the roof, perfect. I’m using a lot of the same palette these days, great minds think alike…tee hee. Jacques


    • Bonjour Jacques. It’s always great to hear from you. I will be back in Rockport, Mass ilater this month and I will try to channel Hopper for you… There are some great old houses there that he painted. I may try to locate them.


  3. Jeff Gold says:

    I love the mixture of warm and cool colors in the sunlit stonework. The sense of light on the building is palpable. Brava! I’m curious about the handling of the right foreground branches. Did you scratch for the small white branches or use a resist? I haven’t used either technique yet but was intrigued by your successful result. Beautiful brushwork.


  4. Alison says:

    I’m glad you got back to do this sketch. It really conveys the charm — as well as the solidity — of this house, which is not so apparent from the road, the only viewpoint I had ever had until I was at USk Mtl. The tree treatment on the right is wonderful!


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