Granite Pier

Last year when I first started painting around Rockport and Cape Ann I realized how much granite was in the area. This morning on a walk I found Granite Pier (it’s amazing how much more you discover when you are on foot rather than in a car!) and went back there with my easel and paints. When I sketch in the city the buildings act as a break from the wind but when you are out by the sea you are really at the mercy of the elements. I set up in the shade of a boat on a trailer on the upper parking level of the pier and that provided some protection, until the boat’s owner towed it away and I was in the open. At that moment a great gust of wind caught my easel and then I knew it was time to pack it up and go home…


4 Comments on “Granite Pier”

  1. Rene Manning says:

    Hola. Buen día. He visto todos los trabajos (sketches) que me han enviado. Son preciosos!! Observo con calma cada detalle, aumento el dibujo para apreciarlo mejor y me vuelve a gustar. Gracias a todos por este gran esfuerzo. Aprecio mucho lo que ustedes, los artistas, logran plasmar en un Sketch. Saludos.


  2. Rene Manning says:

    Sus sus trabajos son sensacionales. Gracias por enseñarme lo hermoso que es el dibujo. Un abrazo a todos.


  3. . . . or on a bike! Nice work Shari.


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