The Japanese Garden

The view that I picked at the Japanese Garden was a combination of man-made and natural elements. The pagoda on one end and waterfalls on the other were tied together by a lot of vegetation. I could have mixed up a big green wash and painted it straight across but that probably would have been quite monotonous so instead I chose to exaggerate the colours that I saw in the vegetation. Cool blueish-greens moved into bright yellow-greens which then changed into warm reddish-greens. In this mix there’s lots of Azo green, Quinacridone red and cerulean blue.


4 Comments on “The Japanese Garden”

  1. Amazing, love it!


  2. Tony Mazzola says:

    Hello Sheri,
    Your work is truly amazing!! I’ve been following your posts here for some time and I’ve realized that its your colors that inspire me the most. It seems you lay down your color and let it go. Getting it right the first try and leaving it is what I struggle with most. I glaze and over glaze and glaze again.:'(
    Your work is soo fresh. Thanks for inspirit me.


    • Hi Tony,
      So nice to hear your comments. Well, colour is what I love. As for getting it right the first time, that is where experience comes into play. I having been painting with watercolours for a long time including in university where it seemed pretty uncool at the time. Just keep at it, even if you do little practice things. Don’t be afraid to experiment and fail. That’s how you’ll learn.


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