Devonian Harbour Park

It’s hard to sketch in Vancouver and not have a backdrop of mountains. It’s what you notice most as you are flying in and it’s certainly what makes this city so spectacular. In preparation for a two-day workshop I’m giving here I sketched in my demo locations today. I paint often in harbours and marinas on the east coast but I think I’m going to like painting the dramatic inky trees and the dark peaks in the west. Excuse the poor quality phone photo!


14 Comments on “Devonian Harbour Park”

  1. brooklyn49 says:

    Best of everything at your workshop, though the best is what the participants will be getting.


  2. Tracey says:

    Oh those lucky ducks! Have a wonderful time out west Shari!


  3. Vicky Porter says:

    You really got the colors right for the Pacific Northwest! Beautiful!


  4. Mary Sanchez says:

    Glad to have you out here. Sorry I’m missing your workshop.


  5. Welcome to the Pacific Northwest Shari!


  6. marctaro says:

    Love the powerful darks!


  7. jenlongo says:

    Beautiful composition and colors!


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