Would a workshop in Vancouver be complete without a bit of rain on my sketch? I doubt it. This demo was supposed to be a quick one on painting foliage but my painting rapidly accelerated when the rain drops started falling. The idea was to paint the foliage all in one pass and then go back to add darks when it dried. Well of course it never dried. It just kept getting wetter and wetter, but I don’t mind the effect achieved with the raindrops. Even if you tried, you could never plan anything like this and that’s why I love watercolour.


16 Comments on “Hazel”

  1. CharlieAmra says:

    The end results of the rain drops are rather spectacular. How very cool looking.


  2. Monique says:

    Very cool effect!


  3. Jenifer Cost says:



  4. Mary says:

    Well the rain sure worked to your advantage in this one Shari 🙂 And yes, what would
    Vancouver be without some rain! Love your Micron lines too…lucky students to be with
    you 🙂


  5. Don McNulty says:

    Yes, we were lucky students watching Shari do this, it was a great day, hope the rain goes away tomorrow.


  6. Ross says:

    Isn’t that called wet-in-wet?


  7. andre savard says:

    what a lucky break!!! One can imagine the water drops comming down from the top of the tree.
    Beautifull effect.


  8. Mary Sanchez says:

    Love it.


  9. Lee Kline says:

    This is lovely and if you do not want it…….. (heh heh…)


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