Causland Memorial Park

Foliage, architecture, boats and rolling farmland. These are the subjects we will be exploring in my four-day Anacortes workshop. Can you tell which one we started with? There isn’t really time between workshops to post photos from the locations so I will have to do a summary post when I get home, but I will say that so far the level of the participants both here and in Vancouver is exceptionally high. There are excellent sketchers in both cities and that makes for fabulous workshops. All I can really say for now is that there are no shortage of places to sketch in scenic Anacortes and I look forward to the next three days.


5 Comments on “Causland Memorial Park”

  1. Mary says:

    Oh dear, nobody has taken a guess! from a process of elimination, no boats, house is quite hidden, the rolling country side is behind the house so it must be a study of foliage 🙂 I really like your masses and tree holes but odd it looks like autumn colours. Wonderful you have so
    many excellent sketchers Shari, so much fun 🙂

  2. nicely done. love the colors blending in the stone fence.

  3. Carolyn Jones says:

    I have been following the results of your workshops and I can only say that I am EXTREMELY jealous of those able to participate in BC. Quebec NEEDS you back!

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