Marine Supply & Hardware Co.

In the window of Marine Supply & Hardware Co. there’s a stuffed bear’s head, a diving bell, ropes, buoys, floats, glass bottles, giant hooks, assorted brass objects, flags and so many other things that I would have had to take notes to remember them all. Inside there’s room upon room of more nautical stuff, and in fact I’m almost certain some of this has been there since the store opened four generations ago. The yellow facade was our drawing spot today and I can assure you that this was not an easy lesson in perspective and architecture drawing. Two-point perspective on a multi-facade structure like this is difficult to begin with, but add to that the hill that the building was situated on. It wasn’t easy! This is the kind of thing that needs lots of drawing time so as you can see below, we spent many hours huddled in front of the shipbuilding yard across the street. Many people stopped to look at what we were doing and someone even asked if we were having a picnic there! Tomorrow: boats. And after this scene I think those will be easy…



14 Comments on “Marine Supply & Hardware Co.”

  1. Monique says:

    You did a fantastic job.Wonderful!I cannot even begin to imagine how hard this must be.
    You’re part architect!


  2. Jeff Orlando says:

    Marine Supply in Anacortes. Very nice. I used to live there.


  3. pegjuanita says:

    WOW!! So impressive!! Can’t wait to see what you do with Seattle’s neighborhoods!!!


  4. Linda Daily says:

    You did a great job! I am enjoying seeing your workshop paintings.


  5. You did a great job with this! I’m so impressed…


  6. Miz Dee says:

    Feel I’ve been on this workshop with you! Wonderful. I gre up in old hard wear I love this site.!


  7. Alison says:

    Complex indeed! I love the result. I would have liked to see the drawing. 🙂


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