Pike Place Market

Sketching in Seattle has a special significance for every Urban Sketcher since the movement was founded here by Spanish illustrator and journalist Gabi Campinario. And since I know I won’t have much time to visit the city I was pretty determined to get at least one sketch in, hopefully of the famous Pike Place Market. It’s so crowded in the vicinity that it seemed unlikely that I would find any seating nearby but there was a spot in the corner of a Starbucks with a table that was calling to me and my sketchbook. It wasn’t the original Starbucks with the bare-breasted siren logo (that one is way to crowded!) but a newer one just outside of the market. Good enough for me. It was worth every cent of the $5 juice I had to buy to sit there and have a glimpse into the interior where the fish mongers throw the big salmon in the air and giant bouquets of flowers fill the stalls.


7 Comments on “Pike Place Market”

  1. miatagrrl says:

    We’re sure glad you’re here, Shari! It’s a terrific workshop so far!

    – Tina


  2. Lee Kline says:

    Beautifully caught, Shari.


  3. artheart71 says:

    I didn’t realise the ‘movement’ was founded there! I’ve never visited, I’m English and only ever visited New York (once), but I’ve become really interested in Urban Sketching, (well, I suppose artists have been doing it for centuries really)… Anyway, thanks for the insight. Love the shadows on this sketch…


  4. Excellent watecolor !



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