McArdle Bay

It’s a joy to be a student this week. I’ve been spending the past few days in Tom Hoffmann’s workshop on Lopez Island, painting like a madwoman and enjoying watching and listening to Tom’s thoughtful teaching and fascinating demos. I will have lots to write about when I return to Montreal, after all of this trickles down and settles in my head, but until then this will be the only painting I post. These days are tiring because besides painting for seven or eight hours, we are hiking through woods to our locations, sometimes clambering down cliffs, all the while carrying our gear. I think I’ll wait to post these Lopez watercolours after they’ve been scanned and I have a chance to describe the exercises we are working on (as you can see, this afternoon was skies!)


24 Comments on “McArdle Bay”

  1. Email says:

    Beautiful Tx for sharing

    Sent from my iPhone



  2. george smith says:

    stunning in it’s simplicity, haunting in it’s colors. many lessons with water color are presented. thank you so much.


  3. Joy Makon says:

    Saying so much more with less: this is an excellent example of plein air painting.


  4. You’ve captured the beautiful grays of purple, blue and creamy yellows of a typical N.W. cloudy day. I love it!


  5. CharlieAmra says:

    Wow, simply wow. I love how the contrast of the gray and purple sky makes the island “pop” out. It is so majestic. Enjoy the rest of the workshop.


  6. erika says:

    THE Tom Hoffmann? Wow, I just bought one of his books a few months ago because I kept checking out from the library. Take your time and soak it all in, I am jealous. 🙂


  7. tmikeporter says:

    Looks like Hoffman is influencing you? Simple yet effective this so depicts the islands.


  8. Chris Rusk says:

    Absolutely gorgeous!


  9. Miz Dee says:

    Oh, my….you surely got an excellent mark! That sky takes my breath away….


  10. Jane Hannah says:

    Glorious Shari!


  11. Les says:

    Shari, I’m guessing that you have reduced the amount of gear that you are carrying for ease of hiking. So what are you taking and what are you leaving behind? I ask because we do a lot of hiking and sketching too.


    • Les, I had everything with me on this trip. I had my easel in a backpack, a full size palette, a big bag of watercolour tubes, a case of brushes, a gallon of water, lots of paper, etc. This was not a light load. But if you are painting you need all that. That’s what made the hiking part a bit difficult…
      If it was just sketching I would have taken much less but to paint with lots of pigment and water you need all that.


  12. Nathalie says:

    Really an amazing watercolour. Can’t wait to see and read more. Thanks for sharing and enjoy your week.


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