Capitol Reef cross-section

The desert colours are still in my brain, especially the different hues that comprise the many layers in the canyons and cliffs of Utah. I bought a poster of a geologic cross-section because I loved the names of the rock — Navaho Sandstone, Redwall Limestone, Bright Angel Shale and Carmel Formation — and because they serve as a good reminder as I finish the paintings from home. Each park was visually unique and splendid but Capitol Reef remains a favourite because I spent the longest time there and it was relatively quiet compared to the more popular parks like Bryce and Zion.


13 Comments on “Capitol Reef cross-section”

  1. If you ever get to go back go to Kodachrome (State Park I believe.) Extremely quiet and off the beaten path, beautiful. I’ve enjoyed all these posts.

  2. Tom Jump says:

    Fantastic Shari! Such great “hard rock” country paintings- they are all so nice! I’d love to see you paint some of our high country vistas here in Colorado too. Thanks!

    • Thanks Tom. I know Colorado would be another incredible place to paint. Of course I want to get back to Utah but I know that there are so many other places that are just as amazing.

  3. Alison says:

    Truly superb Shari. I feel like I am right there. You have really captured the essence of this remarkable landscape.

  4. Wayne Bissky says:

    Okay. So these paintings from the US are great AND match your hair, but you’re Canadian work reflects your heart.

    Sent from my Wayne Bissky’s iPad.


  5. george smith says:

    In a word – beautiful. You understand the high desert landscape – you have painted it’s soul. I have spent over 20 years photographing the rocks and tidepools of Pt Lobos in California. It is unique – awesome even. Search for images of rare beauty.

  6. Lynn says:

    Outstanding! Extraordinary! Just flat out Marvelous!

  7. kipps74 says:

    This is just awesome……….it really packs a punch in bold colour and brush stroke…………and the perspective just invites me to walk right into the scene! Excellent!

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