Dressing for the occasion

There was a warning card in my mailbox earlier this week that the electricity would be cut off on my street at some point yesterday or today. Last time that happened the Hydro guys were up in the cranes but this time they had some mysterious work they had to do at the back of their truck for a very long time, right in front of my window. I thank them for dressing for the occasion — their orange uniforms are a perfect complement to their blue truck.



5 Comments on “Dressing for the occasion”

  1. Connie Renaud says:

    I love it. I saw a crew somewhat like that just recently. Well done!

  2. tmikeporter says:

    So funny. You know how to make lemonade of lemons!

  3. rhonda@bromoc.com says:

    Scratch tickets, maybe????? You’ve captured it beautifully…nice complimentaries

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