Rue Pierce

It’s always a thrill to be sketching in a city, especially my own city. I haven’t had a chance to draw in downtown Montreal in a while and since it was a bit too cold to be outside (that first cold day is always a shock to the system), I found a window seat at Starbucks with my favourite kind of view — mostly nondescript structures, intersecting in interesting ways, no building trying to steal the spotlight and a little bit of light on something. I don’t often use Phthalo blue  — it’s too strong and staining — but today it worked well for the slate shingles in the foreground building and as a contrast to the strong red of the brick.


8 Comments on “Rue Pierce”

  1. Anders says:

    I love the texts before the watercolors. Lovely texts. I feel really inspired. Thanks a lot. : )

  2. Really great watercolor !


  3. Jeff Gold says:

    Intriguing composition! Just my kind of thing with its combination of verticals and diagonals leading the eye around. The complimentary colors unite the elements and there’s just enough detail and texture to make it very compelling to the viewer. Maybe it’s my imagination but I think the spirit of Utah’s canyons has invaded your urban sense. It’s very reminiscent of the narrow side canyons we’ve experienced in the southwest. Beautiful!

    • So for the delay in responding Jeff. It has been a busy September and I didn’t realize I had left some comments unanswered.
      I have been working on the series of Utah paintings on the weekends so it is very possible that the spirit of the canyons is with me, although I hadn’t realized it until you mentioned it.

  4. Shari…though I understand your use of the word, there is nothing nondescript about this piece. The minute I saw it, it popped, I especially like the shingles and the more modern building in the background where you normally would expect to see sky. It is getting a bit cooler here too, stay warm and take good care. Jacques

    • Thanks Jacques. I’m so glad you like it. I hope that your winter is great. I was just reading about a big hotel in Naples that was renovated but I don’t expect you’ll sketch it. It’s a high-rise, not at all like the beautiful small buildings that are in your work.

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