Table Cliff Plateau

I’m quoting from one of those informational panels in Utah’s National Parks when I say that the clearest air in America is on the Colorado Plateau. The average summer visual range is 145 miles! That’s a bit more distance than what I’m used to sketching in the city.

There were many reasons why painting in Utah was a challenge, but I would say that trying to capture those great distances and vast vistas in front of me was something that took a bit of time to understand. There are so many variables that have to be dealt with: colour temperature, value, edge quality. I am still working on the Utah paintings (there are ten in all), but when I am done I hope to post them and talk about the challenges of painting each one. Table Cliff Plateau in Bryce Canyon was one of the easier places to paint because of the shade from the pines on the rim where I sat. I haven’t started the paintings from Bryce yet but when I do I hope to include this view, especially the giant cloud shadow that floated across it.


9 Comments on “Table Cliff Plateau”

  1. Anders says:

    This watercolor made me realize how far I am from nature. I wish I could feel the scent of fresh pine in my town, but all that I see round here are buildings over buildings.


  2. Jenifer Cost says:

    I love that part of the country. You have perfectly captured it.


  3. yxz555 says:

    I live in Moab and have great respect for the way you have captured the various reds so well. When you post your series of 10 with comments could you mention whether or not you added add tional reds/oranges to your color pallette? Thanks for your daily comment along with your daily art. Ginn


    • Ginn, you live in an amazing part of the world. I was awed by Moab. You are in the middle of those two parks, each so different from the other. Canyonlands was so spectacular it made me want to cry. Arches was the park I had the most trouble sketching but I am very happy with the paintings now that they are done. I certainly added red and oranges to my palette and I will mention them when I post the paintings.


  4. Estimada Shari:
    Tus esquemas me llegaron como una tabla salvadora a un naufrago,Tengo 76 años y me gusta la acuarela,tus esquemas son una fuente inspiradora,,me animan a pintart y con una idea diaria te sigo con dibujos copiando y a veces pintando. Gracial mil.
    Lamento empezar recien a esta edad.


  5. Joan says:

    This is nice to see. You’re in my part of the country, just to the south of UT in the high desert of NV. The wide open spaces are what define NV. When I first drove to the more remote spaces outside the city I felt incredibly small.

    Your painting/sketch of Bryce is very nice. I hope you enjoyed your time out here in the west.


    • Joan, I will definitely be back to see more of your part of the country. My trip was too short and too fast so next time I will take more time to see the sights. You are very lucky to have those views at your doorstep and I do know what you mean by feeling small!


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