Habs at the market

It’s very overwhelming to look into a crowded space like the Jean Talon Market and try to make sense of the chaos. Instead of rushing into things I took a bit of time today to think about how I would draw this instead of just starting in the middle and drawing outward. I didn’t have time to take progress photos but one of these days I will.

Here are steps I used:
1. Draw (in pencil) the main shapes like the curve of the window, a few figures and the main signs
2. Ink (with a Sharpie pen) all the details of the lettering, fruits, figures, hair, signage
3. Erase the pencil drawing
4. Add more people as the market gets busier towards lunch time
5. Paint the big, bright areas like the window, the backlit signs, the hanging signs, the clothing, the fruit
6. Mix up a big neutral wash for the darker interior areas
7. Paint the small darks with a thicker wash

Keeping the steps simple helped me make sense of a very busy scene which at first seemed impossible but turned out to be quite fun to paint.


18 Comments on “Habs at the market”

  1. Miz Dee says:

    Really a fun subject. And thanks for the tips. I really want to try a crowd that is not from a photo!


  2. Linda Daily says:

    Thank you for sharing the steps you used. You make it sound so easy and look effortless.
    We all know that it isn’t. With all the colors it is still harmonious..did you use a limited palette?
    Love it! Markets are such a challenge.


  3. Vicky Porter says:

    Thank you for the step-by-step description of your sketching process. That is very helpful and the next best thing to watching you paint it!


  4. dezabaleta says:

    Excellent watercolor !



  5. kipps74 says:

    Thanks for explaining your method to such a lovely and lively scene. Just love those colours


  6. Mrs. P says:

    Very nice!


  7. anne farmer says:

    I really appreciate the clarity (and generosity) of your ‘step by step’ explanation.


  8. Monique says:

    Oh I just LOVE this one..
    It’s one of our favorite places.
    Do people watch you?


  9. Super watercolor! Very inspiring. How long did it take you to complete?


  10. carol says:

    Thank you for the step by step. I am so overwhelmed by the complex scene that I literally don’t paint or sketch. I see all i’m leaving out instead of the beauty and artistic freedom of selecting specifics!
    Carol NC,USA


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