In Kent Park

It’s no wonder this man sat in Kent Park in the midday sun. With near record warm temperatures for the end of September, it feels like midsummer. The heat should continue for at least two more days and that means we’ll have a great day for Sunday sketching with USk Montreal. We’ll be sketching around the Lachine Canal and the Atwater Market. Hope to see you there!


6 Comments on “In Kent Park”

  1. drawandshoot says:

    I love the quality of your delicate sketches, Shari. The weather is amazing! We are heading off to enjoy some hiking and climbing.


  2. anne farmer says:

    Love the composition.


  3. Super sketch! The man appears to be so relaxed; maybe he’s watching his grandson’s baseball game? watching the new neighbors move into their house?, or watching boat activity on the river?


  4. Dear Shari
    I like a lot your aquarellas, but your drawings are very nice!!!

    I would like to write you in “private” do you have a Facebook page (I didn’t found it) or a contact form on this blog? Thanks


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