In my college classes this week we’re exploring the history of typography, the shapes of letters and the origins of present day fonts. That really has nothing to do with my sketch but it did get me thinking about how I deal with lettering in paint. I was once told that it’s better to suggest the letters rather than paint them in fully — in other words let the viewer fill in the blanks. I haven’t used much detail in this sketch but because of the colour and shape of the containers and the odd letter here and there, it’s pretty easy to tell what’s inside the packaging.


9 Comments on “Suggestions”

  1. Monique says:

    Very easy to decipher..that’s how good you are!


  2. wrightottawa says:

    I’m less worried about your typography than your diet!


  3. george smith says:

    A really useful lesson Shari. In made me realize quickly how the shapes and forms of the items themselves help us relate. The type itself only completes the image. Many of your recent posts
    have been very helpful as well. I’m slow, but still learning


  4. The beauty of typography and design is that so much shape and color is involved, to which a paint brush is as privy as a digital file in Illustrator. Nicely done sketch, and the red Lays bags in the front are winner!


  5. anne farmer says:

    Really works as a skyline – delightful idea! However I couldn’t really tell you what brands are indicated – there are obviously crisps and a bottle of water, but for us on this side of the pond this is a painting of exotic not commonplace items!


  6. Denise says:

    Your sketches are very, very nice. You are an inspiration to me.


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