Saint Joseph in the rain

My summer was filled with travel to both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts but that meant that I really didn’t get my fill of sketching Montreal neighbourhoods like Lachine or Villeray or Pointe Claire. I’m playing catch-up now, finding an hour here or there after school to put down a few lines and some wash. Saint Joseph Blvd. in Lachine is one of my favourite places in the fall when the canopy of trees over the street starts to glow yellow. Sketched on Fabriano Hot Press paper, 9″ x 12″.


15 Comments on “Saint Joseph in the rain”

  1. Ross says:

    “in the rain”???? It doesn’t look like it’s raining?

    • Don’t you see those teeny tiny umbrellas?

      • Ross says:

        Are those really umbrellas? What about the man who has no umbrella? And what about the shadows from what appears to be from strong sunlight?
        That might be your idea of rain… in Queensland, we call that humidity.

      • The guy with no umbrella has a rain hat on. And it was another day of very turbulent weather. Do you ever have that in sunny Queensland?

      • Ross says:

        I could see the tiny umbrellas when I looked really hard but I am completely failing to see the rain hat.
        Yes, we do have what you may call turbulent weather… particularly thunder storms, in the afternoon on hot summer days. What sort of turbulent weather do you get?

  2. Lee Kline says:

    Ooooo. I want to live in a neighborhood like this one. It looks lovely. All because of your remarkable skills.

    • I want to live in this neighbourhood too Lee. It’s right on the water, it has lots of history and it’s close to downtown. It is especially nice in October when the sky is deep blue and the trees glow.

  3. Very nice. I know the exact location. Another fantastic panting.

  4. Elaine Archambault says:

    Love this city, it’s special and you render it’s beauty wonderfully through your sketches.

  5. I love how you feel like you’re walking under this cover of trees above. Magnificent!

  6. Joan says:

    We have no charming neighborhoods, no historical area, no wonderful architecture..very sad thing indeed. I could move right in there.

    I know you teach, so do you get the summers off where you’ll have time to pursue your sketching of your lovely city?

  7. andre savard says:

    11th and Saint Joseph, a nice view, Amaizing a scene that I see almost everyday but yours
    makes itg very special and warm. I will copy this one and keep it. Good work.
    Have a nice thanksgiving weekend.

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