Families at the beach

When you paint or sketch for some time in a place, it’s often what’s going on around you at the moment — rather than what you are looking at — that creates the strongest impression of the day. The sounds and smells, the conversations you overhear, the people who stop to talk and have a look at what you are doing. This painting will always make me think of the packs of racoons that scavenge the beaches of Manuel Antonio National Park, looking for lunches or anything else they can grab from tourists. Bold little guys they are, much bolder (and skinnier) than their Canadian cousins. They sneak up on you, oh so quietly, whole families of them, and it takes much yelling and stick waving to discourage them. There was one who ate a full bag of Doritos while a crowd watched nearby and another one who dragged a plastic bag into the bushes while the unsuspecting owners were taking a dip in the water.


8 Comments on “Families at the beach”

  1. Lee Kline says:

    I remember the monkeys. Very brave fellows.


  2. anne farmer says:

    Blimey, all we have to contend within the UK is squabbling seagulls! Lovely painting


  3. george smith says:

    Shari – when you paint rocks they really ROCK.. And so do your colors. Another subtle reminder that less is often more.


  4. We watched horses on a beach in China. They raided a picnic area and destroyed everything. We were able to pet and photograph them afterwards.


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