Friday wheelbarrow

Are you able to take colour out of the picture (no pun intended) and just think about tone? It’s an interesting exercise. I do this most often in the planning stages of a painting, by drawing a value sketch in pencil, but don’t do it often enough in paint. It’s fine to use a single pigment, Payne’s Grey or Indanthrene Blue, although I used several colours in this one. What’s the value of this exercise (there’s that pun again) and how will it help your sketching? Well, it really forces you to look at the relationships between shapes. Notice, I didn’t say between objects. That’s because the tree and the fence may form one shape (and you’ll see that more clearly if you squint your eyes when looking at a scene.) So, if you look at the relationship between shapes, you may see that the white house in the background is darker than the dark wood shed in sunlight. It takes a little time to adjust to looking at things this way, but makes it a little bit easier to see value relationships when you put colour back in the picture.


11 Comments on “Friday wheelbarrow”

  1. The neat thing about this painting is that it actually feels cold to look at-I even shivered a little!


  2. Ross says:

    Where’s the wheelbarrow?


  3. Meg says:

    Love the way you explain your thinking. Your students are really lucky!


  4. Alberta Smith says:

    Wow, not much wheelbarrow showing! You’ve painted your red wheelbarrow in many times of year but this one is the snowiest.


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