Left leaning

Looking out from the window, you might think it was spring. The light is bright, the days are long and I can hear birds. But take one step outside and the wind knocks you right back to late January. It was -15°C outside this morning and since the motor died on my furnace, almost as chilly inside. I know the cold will end soon but I’m still painting in the car for the time being. Today I did a few planning sketches of the leaning trees at the cemetery. Vertical, horizontal? I wasn’t quite sure. In the end, I realized I only had a square format sketchbook with me, so I guess it ended up being something in between.



18 Comments on “Left leaning”

  1. TR Duncan says:

    thank you for including the sketches..


  2. Garry Hamilton says:

    Love your loose handling of the pen. Is that dominant warm the sun shining through or are you willing Spring into existence?


  3. Charles says:

    J’aime bcp le ciel jaune, ça donne une atmosphère très particulière!


  4. MaxTracks says:

    I think we should use the square format more often. The square has a very calming, stabilizing effect. It is also surprising how often you can make it work compositionally, for a wide variety of subjects.


    • I agree about the calming effect of the format and how easy it is to make it work compositionally. I use a square format sketchbook but for some reason I most often use the double page spread. I guess it’s because I paint a lot of landscapes…


  5. Susanne says:

    It does feel like spring! I like that the shadows across the road are not blue. The whole painting has a warmth to it that places it at the end of winter. And the square format is great.


    • Well, Susanne, I think I had all the square format images from your show in my brain. You make it work so well. Each composition is so different and so interesting. Thanks for inspiring me.


  6. Ross says:

    Unusual colours in the snow for you.
    I like the unusual square format… that was a clever idea that you had. From your little initial sketches, it seems to have been just right for this view.


  7. Zoe says:

    So brave in these temperatures. Always a pleasure to see your work.


  8. Joan says:

    Holy Moly! That’s cold! It makes me appreciate even more our temps in the 77F range here in the Intermountain west, So. Nevada. Love how you allow us a peek into your painting/sketching world. Really inspiring stuff you give us so generously.


    • It was really cold Joan but I think it’s finally over. I felt some rain drops out there just now and the sky is dark blue. More like a spring sky than a winter sky… Finally.


  9. rich beautiful colors and atmosphere! another great sketch/painting.


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