Spring skiing

It’s starting to look like spring on Mount Royal. I saw one runner, two cyclists, three spring skiers and four very fat raccoons (not counting the one who popped out of the trash and tried to scare me while I was paying for parking.) I think it won’t be long before the gloves come off and we can sketch outdoors again. If the forecast is right, the temperature will be in the double digits tomorrow in Montreal, and for the first time in quite a while, this will be on the positive side of the thermometer. It’s about time.


11 Comments on “Spring skiing”

  1. I’m there … your sketching took me there. Wonderfully expressive. Love those twirly tree branches. The bricks. The shadows. The benches. It’s all so vividly done.


  2. karinakuschnir says:

    I am looking forward to see flowers in your amazing sketches!! So many beautiful tones you got on this one!


  3. Julie Gomez says:

    Love those pen lines with the washes—very nice!


  4. Tim says:

    The new site is jim dandy, whoever that might be! YAY!


  5. I’m doing the new 2016 calendar (19th edition) and scrolling through all your archives looking for pointers and trying to stay loose and it’s working. From far away you inspire me and the other Shari-groupies! Bravo and Happy Easter, bunny! Jacques


  6. Joan says:

    More snow!!!! Good grief, this winter seems to have no end for the north and east…we’re still wallowing in lovely warm temps for a week of record breaking weather, now back down in the 70’s F, where we should be for normal spring. Glad you look at the glass half full in order to paint more snow…might as well be happy about it since it can’t be changed. Perhaps the pay off for this unending winter will be a very prolonged summer/fall. That would be a nice payback, eh?
    I love your sketches of buildings. You’ve got just the right touch. Thanks!


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