I don’t know Mario. He was sitting across from me at the doctor’s office this morning. I heard his name several times because he was having a little snooze while waiting to be called, which could explain why he was such a good model. What is the first line you make when you draw a face? For me today, it was the line of the chin. The way his head jutted out of his sweater seemed to define his slouched posture, so I started with that. Of course it is a bit strange to draw the face from the bottom up, but sometimes it just happens like that.


3 Comments on “Mario”

  1. Gorgeous fluid line work


  2. picassolino says:

    is there a second glas in his eyeglasses?
    and you can start a portrait wherever you want
    and this one ist exellent, like all the other paintings and specially drawings from you.Chapeau!


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