Spring in the hood

Yikes, there’s a heat wave in Montreal and everything is opening and blooming all on the same day, including the ferns in front of my house that are growing about an inch every hour. Last week there seemed to be no buds on the trees and this week some of them are almost fully leafed out. I stoppped to sketch on my way to school today, on a street not too far away from my house, to record some of the action as it unfolds and unfurls. There’s only a short window of opportunity when the trees are this pale green — when they darken I find that they are far less interesting. Today I used a limited palette of Azo Yellow, Alizarin Crimson and Ultramarine Blue, with a little Manganese Blue in the sky added in at the end.


9 Comments on “Spring in the hood”

  1. Well-done – love that little fire hydrant ; )


  2. Linda says:

    Very pretty Spring picture! The blues and greens really “pop”


  3. I just discovered your site from a link on Invisible Horse. such lovely art! Where I live, the heat is about to hit in the next few days–so we are just a breath behind that pale bright green you describe. You inspire me to try and capture a moment of it in paint. Thanks. Excited to have discovered your beautiful site and look forward to exploring more–


  4. Garry Hamilton says:

    Excellent painting and good observation about this brief window of opportunity to catch the emerging summer scene. BTW re: your absorbent paper. I also bought some discounted paper, Fabriano, 25% cotton. it can’t be overworked, it pills. However it is also a bit oversized – paint sits right on the surface and maintains it’s chroma. Love this paper. I guess buying unknown paper is like ” Opening a box of chocolates…”

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    • That’s so true Garry, you never know what you will get. I have a question for you. Do you think watercolour paper deteriorates with time? I have some old stock from many years ago and it just doesn’t seem to perform the way new paper does. Have you had any experience with that?


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