Fast and dark

I was sketching some boats in the bay today when the storm came up, fast and dark behind me. I turned the car around to face the lake and caught the view out of my side window since the rain was coming down too quickly to see through the front windshield. Sometimes you just have to adapt. The boats will be for another day.


20 Comments on “Fast and dark”

  1. Super. You gave captured the atmosphere beautifully.


  2. Your painting is beautiful even without the boats. Love the sky and water/waves.


  3. Love it. It is enough to capture the mood!


  4. Gayle says:

    Now that is certainly being “in the moment”! Thank you for sharing that moment. Also, I would like a schedule of your Tuesday sketching itinerary this summer as mentioned in your last message. A friend of mine is planning a trip to Montreal to visit her daughter and perhaps if they happen to be in the area, they would enjoy dropping by, and who knows, this may inspire her creative daughter to try some urban sketching. Thanks


  5. CD says:

    Love the fact it becomes about the weather and mood. I can feel the storm coming on!


  6. Dee says:

    Fantastic! That dark sky is too familiar!


  7. Jeff Gold says:

    Beautifully observed. I love the hint of yellow and the purple above it. You can feel the distant light coming through. There is something Zen-like about this with its truthful simplicity.


  8. sandidureice says:

    Forget the boats. The atmosphere of the storm, created by the sea and sky alone, is all that is needed. And I feel the storm.


  9. I was putting the finishing touches on a sketch the other day in my car and the sun was beating down on the dash board and the glare was overpowering so I couldn’t see much except to squint. I automatically started complaining and I instantly thought about all your postings about maneuvering around inside your car through snow and rain and I said to myself “If Shari can do it I can too” so I turned the car around into the shade and it was perfect! You are my hero forever. Off to NYC for a long weekend, pen and sketch book in hand. Jacques


    • So my question to you Jacques, is why you are in your car when you live in Florida? Wouldn’t it be better to get out of the car and sit in some shady spot, under a tree perhaps?
      Have a great time in NYC. I will be there in a few weeks. Too bad we don’t overlap!


  10. denizb33 says:

    Love this!


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