There’s no other skyline like it. Sketched early in the morning using cerulean blue and Winsor red.   

23 Comments on “NYC”

  1. Melanie Lewis says:

    I love the depth you get with just the two colors.


  2. Gayle says:

    I was so thrilled to receive this beautiful rendering of NY this morning! I shared it with my group of “creative chicks” as a reminder to send some positive energy to one of our gals who is in New York at this time and will be travelling home tomorrow back to Canada. So your panorama is generating lots of love and good wishes. Thank you Shari for spreading good energy!


  3. A beautiful cityscape! Amazed at what you get with two colors!


  4. Jeff Gold says:

    Iconic and atmospheric. I love the sky especially after reviewing your lesson re: skies on Craftsy. The dark details along the water anchor the skyline beautifully.


  5. Ross Sutherland says:

    oh yes! very nice


  6. Gabriella says:

    This is truly amazing and beautiful! You seem to do wonders with that cerulean blue. Is it Daniel Smith? And what Jeff says about the course.


  7. Monique says:

    2 colors and NYC .Amazing.


  8. Ethna Gallacher says:

    Oh!….this is magnificent!…and it fits in so well with your Craftsy online course! Were you on a ferry for this view, Shari?


  9. greg2mary says:

    I really love this!

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  10. Sing along: “Give my regards to Broadway, remember me to Harold Square. Oh give my regards to Old Broadway and tell her I will soon be there . . .”


  11. Carolyn V. Johns says:

    this sketch, itself, and your blog is indeed energy infusing this morning….at the risk of sounding like a “devotee”, it’s such fun to have found you and your work….loving it….


  12. Carol King says:

    love the skyline.


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