Sirop d’érable

On this really cold and rainy day at the end of June it warmed my heart to see how many people came out to Urban Sketchers Montreal Sunday sketching. Truthfully, I wondered if anyone would show up in such miserable weather but there were at least a dozen of us diehards (parkas and scarves and rubber boots on) and even some new faces. Even though we were sheltered from the rain at the Jean Talon Market, it was still mighty blustery. This coming September will be the third anniversary for our Montreal group and it’s great to see that it’s still growing.


6 Comments on “Sirop d’érable”

  1. Monique says:

    I have not been to the market once this summer..hopefully soon and I will spot her;)
    I always love your JT artwork.


  2. tmikeporter says:

    Shari, it’s as hot here in Portland as it was when you did the workshop some 3 yrs ago. Wish I was in Montreal with your group right now!


  3. Joan says:

    It amazes me how much shape variety you can cram into a sketch. I know in Canada after your brutal winters you long for warm weather, but where I am in the high desert southwest it’s brutally hot, 109F & humidity at 30% level. This makes being outdoors a death defying feat even in the shade.


    • Joan, I think we are going to have one of those cold and rainy summers here. I guess you are not having that…
      This was predicted in the farmer’s almanac. I’m never sure how much credibility to give to it but that’s what they said for summer of 2015.


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