Temples and tuk tuks

Arriving in Cambodia from Singapore is a bit of a culture shock, at least for someone like me who is travelling in Asia for the first time. The ride from the airport by tuk tuk was an eye opener. Bus, motorbikes, cars, bicycles and the ubiquitous tuk tuks, crossing every which way with no apparent order. Dogs and cows on the road. Chaos in every direction. And have I mentioned that there are about a dozen other sketchers in Siem Reap as well? Needless to say, there’s plenty to sketch here. We spent the day around the temples of Angkor, first at Ta Prohm which is the one with the big trees growing out of it (think Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider) and then at Angkor Thom where I sketched The Bayon and the stone faces of Lokesvara (they say there are nearly 200 of them although I probably only included about four or five). At the end of the day the tuk tuk driver looked as beat as I did after sketching in the heat, so I sketched him too.TaProhm   TheBayonTuktuksatAngkorThom

19 Comments on “Temples and tuk tuks”

  1. Monique says:

    Great great work..that trunk is amazing..the last one is charming!


  2. debbietslp says:

    Extraordinary! The tree is magnificent! And love those tuk tuks!


  3. Carol King says:

    Beautiful work. Thanks for allowing me to enjoy your Asian trip with you.


  4. bmweeks says:

    Beautiful! I always admire how you balance line and free form.


  5. george smith says:

    There’s a glib expression – “it’ll add another color to your paint box. In your case it really is. Exotic places in other lands can change our perspectives of people and the world. My experience in the far east was eye opening and educational. Something that changes our view of the world is something we never forget. It’s name for painters is brilliant gray with diverse life pigment added. Enjoy the trip.


  6. you are crazy talented. love these! what an experience you are having,


  7. Alberta says:

    Delightful to be experiencing the East through your lovely sketches — exotic travels were recorded this way before the advent of photography!.


  8. LOVE these, Shari!!


  9. Barbara Beynon says:

    Thanks for keeping up with your posts along with your other commitments. Always a treat to see your sketches from far-flung places. I’d be interested in knowing from time to time which of your sketches become paintings (if any). Of course in my mind they are already paintings!


  10. SusanA says:

    Shari, I love your adventurous spirit and all the sketches you share from your travels. The perspective on your Ta Prohm tree is amazing. I feel like I’m standing at the base looking up at the sky through its leaves. And I love the color in the tuk tuk sketch.


  11. Lee Kline says:

    Beautiful work, Sharrie. So wonderful that you are there. I dream of the day I can make a trip to the USk Annual Symposium. I am certain everyone has enjoyed yours and Marc’s presentations. In Miami we have Banyan’s crawling all over the stone walls too.


  12. rosjenke says:

    Marvellous! Thanks for sharing your wonderful sketches and experiences with us. Not quite the same as being there but it’s pretty close.


  13. […] who were part of the group and will update once I have them all:Shari Blaukopf’s watercolours here and here Marc Holmes (will add link once they are posted) Suhita Shirodkar’s full posts with […]


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