If you want someplace to practice adding figures to your paintings or sketches, a college campus is a great place to start. Why? Because students, for the most part, walk slowly. They dawdle. They chat. And they are in no rush to get to class which makes them perfect subjects for painting. I don’t need to be reminded that it will soon get colder and they’ll be walking faster (and I will probably be indoors) but for now, on these beautiful end-of-summer days, there is a constant stream of models waiting to be painted.Campus

14 Comments on “Campus”

  1. Monique says:

    I LOVE this.. I don’t remember much about my CEGEP..JAC.. nor McGill.. but I feel this one:)


  2. Kamaraka says:

    Beautiful watercolor as always.
    Good advice as to draw people in the college campus
    The truth is that the more we draw, the more we realize about things that otherwise we had not noticed , like the advice you have given us.
    Thank you Shari.


  3. andre savard says:

    I love the way you use white space on your paper. I guest you have to plan this ahead in drawwing your sketch. Good work, This something I will have to York on my next draw.


    • In watercolour you always have to plan that white space. There’s no getting it back when you cover it with paint… That’s why I often make a little plan first and that really helps to preserve those whites.


  4. Reissa Rapkin says:

    I love this painting. It really feels like being on campus.


  5. This is wonderful…


  6. Jody says:

    The light on the big tree trunk is so good!


  7. At the risk of repeating myself, I love, love, love your words. I can hear your voice and I smile.


  8. Lee Kline says:

    Ahhhh, Shari. 40 years spent on college campuses and now, it has been ten years in retirement. This lovely scene brings back wonderful memories. Thank you for the reminder. Our oldest grandson is looking at colleges to apply. He has no ideas of the amazing things he is about to experience.


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