Roadwork ahead

There’s some roadwork going on in my neighbourhood, diverting lots of traffic onto my street. I took my sketchbook out this morning to see where the action was. It was a good opportunity to paint the gently changing colours in the trees.


4 Comments on “Roadwork ahead”

  1. Catherine Johnson says:

    This is awesome! We’ve had a lot of roadworks at the end of our street and very confusing hand signals from the lollipop guys.


  2. They are diverting traffic towards your house so people can get a good look at an amazing artist! Happens to me too here in Naples! LOL. Nobody paints telephone wires better than you! You somehow make them look beautiful. Jacques


  3. Angela says:

    Love your fresh and beautiful style of drawing Shari….. I’ve just discovered your website. You’ve really inspired me to get out there and sketch as the leaves are starting to change in the York region area. Thank you for sharing your lovely work ! Angela


    • Thanks so much for writing Angela. I always love to hear when someone is going to get out there and draw. I haven’t had much chance to draw the changing colours but I’d better do it fast. Before you know it the leaves will all be down and I’ll be sorry I didn’t.


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