Six hours to kill

On my way to Chicago… My flight from Toronto to Chicago was cancelled. The next flight is in in six hours! Luckily I was at the Toronto Island airport so downtown is only a short hop away. My Chicago plan was to be at The Art Institute but since that didn’t work out I’m at the AGO, drawing the view from here. Hopefully tomorrow’s post will be from the Windy City.  


28 Comments on “Six hours to kill”

  1. Louise Boyer says:

    Thank you Shari for adding the picture of what you drew beside your drawing. It really adds when we are learning!
    Beautifull as always!


  2. May the wind be behind you and get you to the Windy City. ENJOY!


  3. Janice Kelly says:

    Love it. And there are lousier ways to kill time than at the AGO! Emjoy
    and have a safe flight to Chicago — a really great city. Love the Art Institute.


  4. Bill Fagan says:

    I like your loose style. Are you going to be lecturing at the Art Institute?


  5. I recognize that streetscape!! 🙂 Hope your later flight is a go and you get there safely.


  6. Dear Sharrie, I’ve always wanted to draw that view, but felt badly taking the time while in the AGO, as I almost never get a chance to get there. Ah, conflicting leisure pursuits…how to choose ;D I am curious, did you use the Platinum Carbon black fountain pen for most of the drawing? And if yes, how did you get that lovely dense black for the window So? A brush pen of some kind?
    Looking forward to your Windy sketches. I’ve never been to Chicago, but Tim says the architecture is fabulous.


    • Hi Jess, I started this drawing outside on the steps before the museum opened. I worked some more from that beautiful hall of wooden columns. And I worked with a Sharpie pen in a hand book journal. I am travelling light this weekend. Have a happy thanksgiving.


  7. Monique says:

    You make the best out of every situation.What a gift.
    I know you work at it..but still what a gift.
    I actually love the house even more in black and white…I do!


  8. george smith says:

    Shari – Chicago is about as sketchable as any city in the world. I visit the Art Institute often although I live on the North Shore. I just came back from the Historic area in Oak Park. Specifically the Frank Lloyd Wright homes – breathtaking architecture. I grew up in the neighborhood and love it. I have followed your work for about 3 years. I’m 82 and would love to tell you be phone how you inspire. 847 767-1699.


  9. Mary King says:

    Sheri- are you by chance doing a class here in Chicago? that would be amazing.


  10. joantav says:

    Good thing you had something to do for those extra hours. Love the detail!


  11. Dee says:

    Wonderful, wonderful!


  12. Andrea Rule says:

    Boy did you make good work with your 6 hour down-time in the Toronto airport. I have done the same thing this year in Chicago, a 5 hour down-time in the airport. Great memories on paper of a trying time…….Your house is absolutely beautiful!


  13. Julana says:

    Chicago s a wonderful city. The biggest impression the Art Institute left on me, 20 years ago, was Seurat’s Sunday Afternoon, even though was there for a Monet exhibit. Still remember the visual impact. Hope you get to see it.


    • Hi Julana,
      I did get to see it. The most remarkable thing about the painting is how large it is, which could explain the impact it had with you. It certainly has a place of prominence in the room. I definitely have to go back to see more of that collection.


  14. Lee Kline says:

    Such a beautiful drawing, Shari. A rare pen and ink from you!


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