The picket line. Yet another place — like the beach or the market — where you can draw people in motion. But can you call it people in motion when they are mostly standing in one place, shifting from foot to foot and trying to stay warm? For me, that qualifies.

On my second day on the picket line I did a bit more drawing and it turned out to be a bit of an ice breaker too. The building I work in is somewhat removed from the rest of the college, so this allowed me the chance to get acquainted with other teachers. When word got around that there was someone sketching the crowd, I had quite a few people come over to have a look over my shoulder, including someone who mistook me for a reporter doing a story on the strike. I assured him that I am not a reporter, but I guess in an urban sketchers kind of way, I am.


12 Comments on “Strikers”

  1. Trevor Travis says:

    Good luck to you and your colleagues, Shari. Wonderful reportage drawings. Love the look of determination on the face of your colleague in the first drawing. Bonne chance à vous tous !


  2. Monique says:

    The stances are so perfect!


  3. Julana says:

    That is kind of an ideal situation, people doing repetitive motion in a limited space. A great way to pass time.


  4. Showing up with your dog is an other great way to break the ice and meet people! 🙂


  5. joantav says:

    Good sketches! I like it when the people don’t move around to much and are “frozen” in one spot. lol I’m sure you attracted quite a few lookers.


  6. Andrea M. says:

    Hang in there. Never easy to be on strike.


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