Receiving a book in the mail is always a thrill, but today it was even more so because the book was Miguel Herranz’s “here and there (again)”, drawings from 2012-2015. I met Miguel a few years ago at the Urban Sketchers symposium in Santo Domingo and had a chance to leaf through his sketchbook during a lecture we both attended. If you were sitting next to me you might have seen my jaw hit the floor. His sketchbook is like an illustrated manuscript, each page more astonishing than the one before. I’ve probably talked about his work in previous posts, but if you haven’t seen it, here is his Flickr stream. You’ll see what I mean. I bought the book through his crowd funding project so I don’t know if it’s readily available, but it’s a treat to have the book in hand so I can really study the detail in the sketches.

I guess I had his pen drawings in mind when I was sketching in Pointe Claire Village today. There’s still no snow in Montreal, but the winter colours are quite beautiful on an overcast day. And with all this rain we’ve been having, it seems to me that the grass is getting greener every day. Sketched in a Handbook Watercolour Journal, 8″ x 8.


13 Comments on “Inspiration”

  1. Alan Wells says:

    Great complain and color. I am always amazed at your work.


  2. Jeff Gold says:

    Love those wires. Your discussion on wires and street details in the new Craftsy class is VERY helpful and fun. Thanks. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!


    • I’m so glad you liked that part of the class Jeff. You know I always like sketching wires. I debated on this whether I should use pencil before ink, but in the end decided to go straight to ink. Although everything does not always meet up, I think it makes a more dynamic line. Happy holidays to you both too.


  3. Monique says:

    Love Pointe-Claire village..have not been this holiday season..I am yearning for an 8×8..a square must be fun..

    your wires are so great..I did one..just one:)I love that class!
    I brought in my recycling bin;)


  4. You are the only artist I know who can get away with painting a utility pole at an angle like this and make it look absolutely perfect. Yet another bravo from Florida, off to LA tomorrow! Felice Navidad Shari . . .


  5. Linda Daily says:

    Once again I am impressed with the “cleanness” of your colors. Wonderful sketch.
    I hope you get some snow as I look forward to your snow scenes!
    Have a wonderful holiday season!


    • Thanks Linda. I was trying to make up for a sketch I did the other day that was so messy I was embarrassed to post it. I hear that the snow is coming Tuesday night, so watch for a snow scene on Wednesday. I hope you have have a wonderful holiday season too!


  6. joantav says:

    Beautiful! I love this painting of just an ordinary street corner that you have transformed into a lovely spot!


  7. Janice Kelly says:

    Thank you for a year of stimulation and inspiration. This is not mention good old motivation. It has been a pleasure seeing your emails pop up and then having the enjoyment of looking at your sketches and comments. All the best for a happy and satisfying holiday season and New Year.


  8. Love the painting you shared! keep up the good work its very inspirational!


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