Studio still life and sketching materials

There’s nothing more dismal than rain in winter, at least in Montreal. I’d much rather have snow to paint than the big piles of grey slush that are outside my window now. With that in mind I decided today would be a good day to clean up my studio (but not before a bit of sketching) and also create a page with a list of the supplies I use when I go out to draw and paint. I’ve been wanting to create this for some time, and now that it’s a separate section on my blog, I’ll be able to update it as often as I change the colours on my palette. Have a look at the new page here.


21 Comments on “Studio still life and sketching materials”

  1. Monique says:

    I had to Pin in many of yours:)

    This is beautiful to me!

    The materials page is so instructive also..
    I love that Platinum carbon pen..sometimes wish I had 2:)
    I am intrighued by the Fluid..and am regularly going back to Curry’s to see what’s available..
    I like the Kois..and similar..but they do clog after a while..for me..
    Like the clips and have now..

    the kneaded rubber erasers easy..and soft..

    ..brushes..I am still experimenting with but one very inexpensive one I love is Artist Loft’s..triangular..and I love Chinese big thick brushes for splotches..
    I know I am a novice..but already I have preferences..

    I do now like hot press paper too because of you.


  2. Teri C says:

    Thanks for creating your materials page. So helpful!


  3. I love your page on supplies. Thank you. You mentioned if you were stuck on a dessert island you would use a certain brush but only bigger. What would the size be? I work mainly in sketchbooks. The usual size around 8 x 8 or 6 x 9. If I wanted to carry just one good brush. What size would you recommend to accommodate this size of sketchbook. I mostly sketch people and buildings and have a loose style. Liking wet washes.


  4. joyfulmomofmany says:

    Shari, your page of supplies is very helpful. Thanks so much for putting it together!


  5. Beautiful sketch, Shari! And thanks so much for sharing your supply list! Love the new page! 😃👍🏻


  6. Linda Daily says:

    What a beautiful sketch of supplies that most of us have before us. I have sketched my brush and pencils before but not with the lovely looseness you have shown here. Thanks also for the link to your favorite supplies. Could you please share what paper you used here? It seems very bright white.


    • Hi Linda. I did this sketch in a Fabriano sketchbook that I have. It has a spiral binding and is about 8″ x 10″ format. It’s nice paper of course. Hope your Portland winter is not too brutal.


  7. Linda Daily says:

    Thanks Shari! I think we wish we had snow and some nice sun to offer us blue/purple shadows
    like you paint so well! Instead just grey and pouring rain.
    I will escape to San Francisco for a week leaving tomorrow.
    By the way I am almost through the lessons in your latest Craftsy class. It is fantastic! As I do more city scenes than landscapes it is perfect. I hope to use the ‘doors and windows’ lesson on some of the gorgeous Victorians in SF.


    • Hi Linda. I’m sorry to hear about all that rain, but I guess you are used to it. I hope the weather is better in San Francisco. So glad you like the class and hope you find the time to sketch in SF. So many famous views and iconic buildings. Have fun.


  8. Ross says:

    Nice sketch.
    So, do you always use those classic white containers that look like they were made to be subjects in watercolour paintings (not just for sitting on the desk)?


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