Cemetery road

It happens quite often. Just as I’m about to finish a painting a few people will walk into the scene at the right time for me to add them in. This cemetery is full of dog walkers (some who stared at the strange intruder painting in her car) and these two appeared just as I was packing up. I grabbed my brush and with a few strokes, placed them on the road. Painted on a Saunders Waterford Cold Press block, 9″ x 12″.


21 Comments on “Cemetery road”

  1. anne farmer says:

    fantastic picture – great sense of scale and distance, Thank you Shari and walkers!

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  2. Monique says:

    I agree the distance..the dip..just right.


  3. Maraval says:

    Lovely picture. Glad you got those two in there with the dog. Nice use of grays and negative space.


  4. This is stunning, Shari!! The perspective is wonderful and those figures really make the sketch. Without them I don’t think it would have quite the incredible sense of distance you managed here! So cool those two appeared just in the nick of time! 😉


  5. Wonderful sense of space as well as a great design. Snow is a great way to exploit the white of the paper as you already have half of the painting done. Great job.


    • Thanks so much Russell. I have often been accused of only painting half the page because I do so many snow scenes. But I live with winter half the year, so I can’t help it.
      It’s actually really hard when the snow goes away to do value sketches because snow helps so much when I am looking for contrast in a scene. I keep on painting even when there are just tiny patches of snow left so I can use the white in my design.


  6. Fantastic painting! Such a great atmosphere! The sweep of the hill and the majesty of the trees is mesmerising!


  7. Linda Murray says:

    I can’t stop looking at this. It feels like I am there. I am fixated on the whole scene. That sky…. the snowy road. So glad the walkers the came along. Thanks Shari, for a lovely winter painting.


  8. perfect timing, and fabulous painting!


  9. joantav says:

    I love the solid stark trees in this! Great that you were quick enough to capture the figures when they appeared.


  10. Ross says:

    You would have to admit that seeing someone in a parked car in a cemetery in the middle of winter is a bit strange… I would certainly think that, if I was strange enough to be wandering though a cemetery in the snow… which I am not, by the way.
    Anyway, the outcome was good. Were the trees really leaning to the left or is that just some mis-guided artistic licence?


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