Three pears

I’ve finally found a good way to use up the paper in the new Moleskine sketchbooks. You know — the ones with the watercolour paper that is incredibly lousy for watercolour. It turns out they are great for markers. The paper is thick enough that even though the markers bleed through the paper, they don’t damage the next sheet in the book. I used one today to do a value sketch for some pears that I was painting.



The white cloth in my still life is no doubt a subconscious substitute for the snow scenes I should be painting at this time of year. A few centimetres of snow did fall during the night but that was followed by the disastrous duo of freezing rain and then rain. It made for a very unpleasant drive to work for most Montrealers, including me.



9 Comments on “Three pears”

  1. Paula Seixas says:

    Any markers, Shari? I have a lot of markers and I keep thinking to use them for quick sketches…


  2. Mary Catharine says:

    So beautiful!


  3. sandidureice says:

    Thanks for this lesson in value sketch-to-painting. There is movement in the white cloth. And I do see where your experience in snow painting has come in handy. Nice way to do some indoor stuff.


  4. bobbie says:

    I like the color among the grays. Very enjoyable painting.


  5. Janet Gerson says:

    I’m delighted to read your comment on Moleskine watercolor books. I too have found the paper awful for watercolor. The people who praise do in fact predominantly use markers.
    But your paintings of the snow are much more delightful.


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