Awful beautiful

Awfully cold but very beautiful in Montreal today. Too cold to even sit in a pre-heated car to paint, so this was done from my window, on Arches 140 lb cold press paper (because when the snow is this blinding you need really white paper!) The weatherman says that this is the coldest day since last winter, and tomorrow will be much the same.


40 Comments on “Awful beautiful”

  1. Blanca Abramson says:

    Wonderful colour

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  2. Lise G. says:

    great succes … I have cold just in looking …


  3. Janine says:

    It’s hard for me to conceive that kind of cold! I am a thin-blooded weather wimp Californian. We are having a preview of spring this week and it is presently 72 F where I live. Instead of thinking of whites, I am thinking of golden and warm yellows. I do love how you make the snow looks so sparkly. I aspire to that level of skill with preserving the whites!


    • Janine, I lived in California for a short time, years ago. I missed the winter! In fact I missed fall too. I love the anticipation of the change of seasons, although I wouldn’t mind seeing a bit of green these days.


  4. Christine Powell says:

    Beautiful! I would love a little cold myself – 80ish degrees F down here in TX – beautiful but we need some cold (and a lot of) rain. I miss snow even if it means it is too cold to go out it really is incredible to see.


    • I guess we all want what we don’t have, right? I don’t know what part of Texas you live in bt you do get some extreme weather, I believe. Maybe not extreme cold, but other kinds of events…
      Thanks for writing Christine.


      • Christine Powell says:

        I’m in Central TX and, yes, we do get extremes but this time of year it is pretty calm. I always think of the TX winters here in Austin as very beautiful English summers – I’m English so I really enjoy the winter here at the expense of cold and snow.


  5. Wowser! This is amazing Shari!! I can feel the cold and the bright blinding light! Fabulously done! 😍 And glad to know you managed to stay warm in the process. Hehe


  6. Mary McLaughlin says:

    I agree with Charlie – just looking at it gives me the shivers – it’s gorgeous! Very well done!


  7. Charles says:

    Très lumineux Shari!! Quel bleu as-tu employé? C’est de l’Ultramarine? Pur?


    • Merci Charles. Le bleu est une nouvelle pigment pour moi. C’est un test que je fais, mais c’est un petit secret pour le moment. Bientôt je vais être capable de te dire qu’est que c’est. Ce que je peut dire c’est que il y a pas un autre bleu comme ça, surtout pour la neige.


  8. Peggy Bjarno says:

    Amazing, as always! I FEEL the cold, and the WEIGHT of the snow. Wonderful, thanks.


  9. anne farmer says:

    L’ultramarine? Non – trop froid (bizarre, non?). En attendant….


    • No, not ultramarine. I had a feeling this would catch the sharp eye of some people who are interested in pigments. I am testing a line of paints for a retailer, including this blue. I can’t say what it is just yet but I will soon. Quite special, isn’t it?


  10. E. Bancroft says:

    Souvenirs, souvenirs….. here on the wet coast it is pouring again today and I am cold even though it is 10 degrees… miss those bright blue skies, fresh white snow and ‘freezing’ temperatures when I was never cold apart from my nose and toes! The colours of Quebec’s flag are the blue & white of perfect winter days.


    • So true, the perfect colours for the Quebec flag. Well not quite perfect, but almost. We have had some really cold and bright days this week. But tomorrow, alas, snow and then freezing rain, and then rain. A nasty mix and I bet you don’t miss freezing rain.


  11. Gayle says:

    I can hear the voice of Gilles Vigneault singing in the background: ” Mon pays, ce n’est pas un pays, c’est l’hiver” (“My country is not a country – it’s winter”)! So wonderful the way you capture our iconic season, and make us appreciate its beauty (despite the shivers and the shovelling). Thank you!


  12. Ruth Kaldor says:

    What blue did you use?


  13. Very cold here in Nova Scotia for the next few nights as well. I like your painting. You’ve really captured the ‘feel’ of the sun and shadow.


  14. Monique says:

    I too enjoy the seasons..the big clean ups after each one not as much but the unfolding and duration of each..I love..when we came home last night it was -18 F on my car’s thermometer.
    How lovely you can get inspired to paint a scene you see every’s different every day..but not everyone would be inspired to.Beautiful winter scene.


  15. I had to look a Third time to finally realist that this was drawn, not taken XD! I will defiantly follow you for more beautiful paintings!!!


  16. Louise Boyer says:

    Tellement lumineux! Wow!
    Quel bleu as- tu utilisé ? De quelle compagnie?


  17. Lee Kline says:

    Also awe-inspiring. This is lovely.


  18. joantav says:

    Wonderful shadows!!! Stay warm.


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