Cold, cold

My neighbour’s yard, sketched on a very cold day, through the fog of a terrible cold. I haven’t taken a sick day in years but I stayed home today to get over this, and since I don’t really know how to do nothing, I sketched. The view through the fallen fence to the next yard is best at the end of the afternoon when the shadows are long. When I look at this now, it seems a bit fuzzy, which perfectly matches how I feel today.


23 Comments on “Cold, cold”

  1. Alison says:

    Oh I do hope it is just a cold and not the flu-like thing I had at end of December. I hope sketching made you feel a bit better. What a great sketch — really captures the cool winter light. Feel better soon!


    • I just talked to a friend who is a pathologist in the hospital. She says there’s hardly any flu this winter but there are some terrible viruses going around, so I guess that’s what I have. No fever, just one massive head cold. Ugh. Tomorrow may be a sick day too.


  2. Louise, Montréal says:

    My WARM salutation Shari !


  3. Jean Seguin says:

    Ans where’s the wheelbarrow? Against a tree on the other fence? J


  4. Janine says:

    Feel better soon, Shari! Sending good thoughts for you to get well quickly. Rest is best; take all the time you need.


  5. Janine says:

    PS Great sketch, too, despite feeling under the weather!


  6. ChesapkLady says:

    You are inspirational, in spite of feeling lousy! Feel better soon. . .


  7. Awww so sorry to hear you’re under the weather Shari…I hope you feel better very soon!! But looks like nothing can stop you from sketching which is great! Because this is stunning! The lights and color are amazing!


  8. Monique says:

    Something is going around..take care..even under the weather,,you paint the light fantastic.


  9. joantav says:

    Sorry you are suffering with one of the colds/viruses going around. Glad you had a view to sketch…you make it look effortless.


  10. get well soon, Shari. That just sounds like no fun, you’re a trooper to get it together to even do a little sketch!


  11. Miú says:

    Beautiful, beautiful!

    PS – Oh, and a cold that allows you to create this little pearl cannot be TOO bad… 😉 Get well soon!


  12. Sharon Smith says:

    Hope you feel better soon

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