Oglethorpe Square

Savannah, Georgia: a sketcher’s paradise. 21 historic squares, each one surrounded by restored town houses, shaded with Spanish moss and flanked by wooden benches. I couldn’t decide which one to sketch, but with some rain clouds threatening, I chose Oglethorpe Square. It seemed fitting since General James Oglethorpe was the founder of the colony of Georgia and one of the original planners for the settlement of Savannah. In true Southern style there was a dapper gentleman in a straw fedora and peach-coloured pants spending his Sunday afternoon reading a book. Some Flannery O’Connor stories, no doubt. 


39 Comments on “Oglethorpe Square”

  1. This is so gorgeous!! I love it Shari! The colors are so bright and beautiful and love the composition with the lone figure on the bench. Well… the straw fedora and peach-colored pants are a pretty awesome fashion choice as well! 😉


  2. Tony U says:

    Love the way you’ve used the dark of the trees to create the feeling of light and openness in the square. What a lovely place to sit and read …. and sketch!


  3. Louise Boyer says:

    Like the building, the light!
    Thanks for sharing Shari!


  4. Louise Boyer says:

    Shari, the match of colors on the building is sooo nice!
    Can you share what blue you used? And the brand?


    • Hi Louise. Thanks so much. I was using my small Van Gogh travel set. I wrote about this blue a few weeks when I painted a panorama of Montreal. It’s a Cerulean blue buts it’s actually more like a Phthalocyanine. Look back in my posts and you’ll see it. I can’t copy the link on my phone.


  5. SusanA says:

    There’s so much life in your sketch, Shari! Love it! You’re visiting the South at a good time–beautiful spring weather, fewer crowds, flowers galore. My husband and I vacation near Charleston, and the off-season months are my favorite times to visit. The summer months are just too hot and sticky for me.


  6. It sings.
    Beautiful and bright with the colors of spring.
    Enjoy the session. Wish I were there.


  7. Jeff Gold says:

    Beautiful color and,as always, great values and composition. I can feel the warmth of the sun. It must have felt great to be comfortably outdoors again.


  8. Julana says:

    Savannah and Charleston are fabulous towns.


  9. zuzala says:

    simply lovely


  10. debbietslp says:

    Exquisite sketch! Really captures the place.


  11. So much beauty.
    It’s perfect!


  12. M. L. Kappa says:

    Great sketch,Shari! I’ve to Savannah once and loved it, this brought back the memories. Marina


  13. Dml says:

    Savannah is one of my most favorite cities. Even non artists can’t help but be inspired by the beauty of it. It begs to be sketched, painted or photographed!


  14. pegjuanita says:

    Loved Savannah!! and dreamed of being able to sketch those 21 squares!! You have captured the feel perfectly! Lovely and light!!


  15. Alison says:

    I’ve been waiting with anticipation to see what square you would sketch and how you’d capture the magnificent live oaks. When we saw this, D and I both exclaimed “WOW.” Enjoy the warmth and great outdoors!


  16. Looks so gorgeous. I’ve never been. Your trees are so great!
    Wouldn’t it be a fantastic place for a UsK symposium??


  17. joantav says:

    Each one of the squares has its own charm. I hope you got to sketch more than one. Great job on this…love the inclusion of the gentleman.


  18. Just beautiful, I love the way you used complimentary colors…those cars just could not have been any other color.


  19. i simply love this! amazing


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