Live Oak

The Live Oak is such a distinctive feature in the landscape of the Old South. The trees form a soft green canopy over many roads, and the twisting branches drip with Spanish moss. I wasn’t sure about the origin of the name, ignorant Northerner that I am, but once again Wikipedia came to the rescue. It’s an evergreen oak, I’ve learned, hence the term “live”.  I was happy today to have the chance to paint a demo of this centuries-old specimen at my Palmetto Bluff workshop. More about the workshop, this incredible location, and photos too, when I get home in a few days. 


16 Comments on “Live Oak”

  1. Snehal Kank says:

    Beautiful Work Shari 🙂


  2. GilZarins says:

    Great colors, great design, love the graphic interpretation, lighting and overall brushwork!


  3. Mary McLaughlin says:

    I literally gasped aloud when I first glimpsed this painting – wow! you really know how to paint trees – they must love you for that! The whole painting is gorgeous and dramatic.


  4. Judith says:

    Palmetto Bluff is an exceptional, exquisite, environmentally respectful property that celebrates the Carolina Lowcountry! We love visiting there and savoring the tranquility. I look forward to seeing other paintings of the place that you do. I was there a few weeks back. So sorry to have missed the opportunity to take your class.


  5. Lyn Seley says:

    Thank you Shari for a wonderful day of learning, drawing and painting with an amazing group.
    This is my third workshop with you and I continue to learn great things from you.


  6. Dee says:

    Happy for you to be in the south to understand why I could not find a skyline in the summer in Arkansas for your landscape class! This is a lovely “live” oak! We have them here too only usually without the moss except farther south in Louisiana. Have a rich and glorious time here in the “south”.


  7. wrightottawa says:

    Nice Tree Shari! The Tar Heels will like it ( something else for you to look up)


  8. Julana says:

    Great job on a tough subject!


  9. joantav says:

    I forgot you were headed to SC for a workshop. This one of the live oak is lovely!!! They are such interesting trees…especially the huge old ones.


  10. ChesapkLady says:

    This is gorgeous, Shari! I am a New Yorker/Marylander living in North Carolina this winter on our boat. Lining the waterfront are these magnificent trees that have held their tiny dark green glossy leaves all winter. AMAZING. . . But suddenly in March, the leaves are dropping! I was afraid the trees were afflicted with some terrible disease. But no, on closer inspection I see that pushing off the old leaves are many, many tiny new leaves coming in for spring. I SO wish we could have live oaks up north. You’ve captured this one beautifully.


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