There’s an embarrassment of riches out there. We went from grey nothingness to colour in such a short time. Flowers markets are open, trees have the tiniest bits of green on them, magnolias are blooming — but when the boat go in the water, that takes precedence over everything else. I knew today was Big Crane Launch Day, when the boats move from land to lake, so I went out with the intention of sketching that. But there was so much movement around the cranes, and the boats stay in the air for such a short time, that I moved back to my usual spot and sketched Prescription instead.


18 Comments on “Prescription”

  1. Bill Fagan says:

    Nice sailboat sketch. Happy Spring.


  2. Soni says:

    Beautiful, Shari – I can feel the air of spring, bathe in the light and enjoy the day. Your composition, colors and brushwork are always a delight to peruse for hours and days. You’ve produced another treasure. Keep enjoying spring – you’ve earned it !!


    • Thanks Soni. I will enjoy the spring because it’s been a long time coming. I read the other day that we had the coldest April since the second world war. No wonder it seemed like winter would never end…


  3. Louise Boyer says:

    Feel like being there…looks like a nice day…yes it brings joy.the light is well rendered!
    Bravo Shari.


  4. TerryKrysak says:

    Lovely sketch. I love marinas as well.
    Just a note, bought your Sketching The City class a few days ago and enjoying it a great deal.


  5. Looking at this, it’s like actually being there on such a gorgeous day! The light and color are amazing!! Love this Shari!! 😍


  6. andre sac ard says:

    Shari, you did capture the spring spirit at the marina. Wind in the air, sailss flutering, anxiety to get going and get wet.Your sky is beautiful. And the depht from the other boats is very intersting. Y our eyes is drawn toward the horizon.


  7. Delphine says:

    Blue green, tbe right balance of whites, and a litlle red accent. What a delightful spring palette! May I ask what blue you used for the sky? It is exactement parfait.


  8. Judy Sopher says:

    Seems redundant to repeat the above but I will and add that your painting is lovely. Sailboats are one of my favorite things to paint. I can just imagine being there. Still working on my husband to get our passports.


  9. monique says:

    I always love your boat/harbor watercolors..this one is no exception!


  10. Love your sketch!!! It is great to see the boats back in the water here too. I got tired of them all wrapped in shrink-wrapped plastic. lol And I’m loving the spring greens and pinks that are on the trees. We didn’t get many magnolia blossoms. Just around the time they were emerging we had a bad frost and most of the blossoms didn’t survive. 😦


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