Alice in pencil

Watching the opening segment of James Gurney’s new video “Portraits in the Wild” made me want to grab a water-soluble pencil and draw someone. Unfortunately the only being at the house at the time besides me was Alice.

James Gurney makes location sketching look so easy. Last year we sketched together in Montreal’s Chinatown during late afternoon, and when I looked at his sketchbook he had turned what we were both looking at into a night scene! He creates the same magic with portraits. In his small sketchbook, with a few strokes of the pencil or some quick dabs of the brush, the most amazing faces and figures appear. In the video he paints four full demos that include great closeups of his skillful paint mixing and adept brushwork. If you’d like to read more about it, here’s an excellent review by Marc Taro Holmes.


13 Comments on “Alice in pencil”

  1. Lee Kline says:

    Love the biography in pencil of your wonderful dog.


  2. Judith Cozon says:

    Lovely – find fast sketching before they move works best!


  3. I am so impressed by your renderings of your dog, Shari. Really need to study how you did this. I feel confident with pencil and animals, but not so much with paint. Thank you for sharing.


  4. “Let sleeping dogs lie” has an entirely different and particular meaning for artists. Doggie’s asleep, grab the pencil and notebook.


  5. Denise (Dee) says:

    Lovely. Looks so simple, but great skill.


  6. Beautiful drawing.


  7. Darling! And a great portrait, even if your subject wasn’t quite human ;3 I’ve been wanting to get James Gurney’s latest video, and now I want it even more!


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