Low tide

One of the reasons the Rockport harbour is so interesting to paint is that it’s enclosed on all four sides. Seems odd for a harbour but if you look carefully you’ll discover that there’s a small, hidden channel for boats to move in and out of open water. This enclosure makes for many great painting spots depending on the time of day and the position of the sun. I love the north side of the harbour because there’s a grassy area with benches — perfect for contemplating the view… or painting. Saunders Waterford CP paper, 15″ x 11″.


25 Comments on “Low tide”

  1. Chris Rusk says:

    I can feel what kind of day this was. The way you present reflection on water, the boats, everything – is beautiful.


  2. lolliejack says:

    Shari – your work never fails to make me smile. This piece however, has me beaming! Thank you so much for sharing. Yours is the one email I look forward to every day.


  3. Dee Ludwig says:



  4. karim waked says:

    Insanely beautiful Shari!!!


    514 9944433


  5. timdada says:

    Yow! This one is unbelievable! This is like the best watercolor I’ve ever seen, It’s like photographically perfect. I have a feeling you realized it when you finished it. I mean really. Congratulations.




    • Tim, you have been making me laugh with your past few comments. Ok, you read my mind. I am not usually satisfied with my paintings but I have to admit, I was not unhappy with this one. Usually I have several things I would like to do over in a painting, but this one turned out ok. This only happens about once a year. Thanks for spotting it.


  6. Lovely!!! I even love all the cars in the parking area. You really captured the feel of this place.


  7. Linda Murray says:

    Shari, this is just a wonderful painting!!! From the reflections in the water, the boats, the wall, this is such a striking picture. It is amazing how you caught all the different vehicles. I especially like the yellow one. It really caught my eye!!


  8. The reflections are gorgeous! Only a few but perfect brushstrokes it seems. This shurely needs a lot of experience!


  9. Soni McFarland says:

    Your paintings are seriously soaring off the scales! Everything to say with A pluses in every part. These are all showing you are having freedom in relaxation & focus. Good for you – you seem to work a lot generally.
    I’m curious how long this one took you.
    Thanks again for all these gems.


    • Hi Soni,

      Most quarter sheet paintings I do take two hours. Any longer than that and they are overworked. Freedom and relaxation play a big part in good painting, for me. If my mind is clear, I can focus on the painting. If I go out of town and have a full week to paint like I did in Rockport, this really helps.


  10. GilZarins says:

    You’re definitely in the zone, wow!


  11. M. L. Kappa says:

    I’m so impressed by the way you painted the water and the reflections…


  12. sandidureice says:

    I love the row of cars. I love the whole painting. But I do love the row of cars – they are imitating the row of houses. There is lots of character painted into the cars and the houses. For me there is a feeling of happiness in this painting. Thankyou.


  13. Hi
    I am always impressed with your dedication to paint every day in any situation. I try to get in as much art as I can and find myself sleep deprived quite often. How long have you been using watercolours? They are very direct and honest. how much time do you spend on your drawing before you get started? So you give yourself time limits from start to finish?

    I find I spend many hours on each painting even the little ones.

    I would live any suggestions you can give me.

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful gift with us!



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